Designed for AYNI

The AYNI Resort 2020 collection is inspired by Peru’s canyon of Colca. The collection was named ‘COL*CA’ to pay homage to the Aymara-speaking Collaguas and the Quechua-speaking Cabanas who inhabited the valley in the pre-Inca era and brought the canyon alive as a united community.

 Technical and artistic skills of the Colca Valley artisans are rooted in the Collagua and Cabana view of the world and were declared a “National Peruvian Cultural Heritage” last year.

Ayni’s COL*CA Resort 2020 collection features innovative threads made from the strong mercerized Pima cotton, rare organic cotton and the versatile, light Alpaca fiber. We bring you a complete seasonal wardrobe spanning from elevated leisure pieces to contemporary luxury.

 The color palette is inspired by Colca’s dramatic natural landscape, its romantic flowers, fluttering butterflies, warm sun rays and bright sky. Shapes and silhouettes go beyond the norm by bringing together macramé and crochet, topical knitting techniques, unexpected color blocking and modern embroidery on hand cut cotton fabrics.

COL*CA to us means to “not be satisfied with what you see at a glance, what you take for
granted, go further, discover the wonder of risk”.

Supporting our wardrobe this season is our shoe line with Cornelio Borda, a Peruvian-Italian brand. Glide into sandals made from sustainable Peruvian fish leather, dyed organically, or walk the city in our hand-embroidered slippers.